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Led Zeppelin


Led Zeppelin

Amazing! At his awesome best!

Been a while since I updated: trips, projects, colds and life in general, plus a desire to just get some paint on canvas can prevent a good social media interactive experience, and that’s just life. But here I am, and, hello! Well, the summer of 2015 hasn’t been that great in terms of sunny days and long evenings to paint. I hope you have managed to grab the precious evenings and days we have had and make the best of them.

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hanging piece, art, print

Just in……

I am happy to report that I have just received two new sets of beautiful, Limited Edition Prints which are now available for sale via my ‘Etsy Shop’ here: CLICK ME

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Family At The Beach

Old and New.

From Dec, 2014….. I thought it would be good to pop a few pictures of some completed paintings that are now hanging in their ‘forever’ homes, the ‘Old’, and, some ‘New’ that are currently on the easel and going through the stages of finishing.

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Snowdonia Clouds

From Summer to Autumn

As the seasons change so does inspiration and mood.

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chrisgill, artist, painter, chrisgillgallery

So, about the oil paintings

Chris paints in oils and acrylics. The oil paintings are usually begun in ‘the field’ (en plein air) and often finished in the studio, if weather conditions don’t allow a complete, ‘at the first go’ (alla prima) finish. Read more »

abstract impasto

And, Acrylics…

Acrylics. Fast drying, malleable, adaptable. From watercolour- like washes, to full ‘impasto’, thickly textured paint surfaces, and everything in between, acrylic is a fabulous medium for the artist to work in.

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In the beginning…..

Every painter evolves. Often we don’t see the early work, the experiments that, perhaps, didn’t quite pay off.

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