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December 5, 2015


by Admin
skipping through the poppies

Dec 2015….. Time is skipping along and Christmas is almost upon us. I have just uploaded new work, and some still in progress below. I am happy to say the autumn period was very fruitful in terms of inspiration.

From that came various works that will be updated to the paintings for sale page. I have a another Limited Edition print available along with more coming soon, post photography and print runs.

The first image is a quick ‘challenge’ study. I did this in response to a friend asking ‘what can you come up with in under two minutes?’ This was the result. Simple pastels on paper; a lady in a red dress, possibly after the party is over, dangling her legs over a bridge in Venice, watching the early morning activity go by. This one, I hope to ‘work up’ at a later date.

red dress in italy

Lady in a red dress on a bridge in Venice

The next are from a series of land/seascapes I studied whilst on a a couple of trips down to the beautiful area that surrounds Kingsbridge and Salcombe in South Devon. The first is the beginnings of a study of the estuary in early summer. The eventual result was ‘Yachts under Salcombe. This piece has now sold, however, I am thinking of creating a Limited Edition run of prints for it. The next is ‘Cold Start, Salcombe’. Looking at a slightly chillier start to the sailing day, as Autumn intruded.

During the summer and through to the Autumn, I was also able to spend some time in and around Westonbirt Arboretum and nearby Tetbury. The results were an alla prima of the gorgeous colours of autumn in ‘Autumn Trees’ below. I took a quick photo snap of what I was looking at as a bit of fun for this page. The other image is ‘Skipping Through the Poppies’ which I finished in early November. It seemed poignant to note that the young girl in the piece (my youngest daughter), had the freedom to skip, carelessly through the field while I painted, and all the more as we drew near Remembrance Day.


skipping through the poppies

Skipping Through the Poppies

And the final piece on this page is a view of Pulteney Bridge in the City of Bath. I was lucky to get set up and get in the main feeling of light and grab the sky colours before the addition of the mist/ fog that was sitting over the river. I’ll update here when it’s done.

pulteney bridge bath

Pulteney Bridge in Bath







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