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July 13, 2017

New for summer…

by Admin
slapton ley, kingsbridge, salcombe

After a busy Spring 2017 start, work continues. New pieces are on the easel, three of which, I have taken quick snap shots of below.

In these three we have the joys of driving rain and cloudy days on the Gower and Slapton Ley, as well as a more vibrant sunny composition underway, depicting the colourful red fishing boats I found in a quiet harbour while visiting Halkidiki.

The three pieces are still in their early stages with much more to do. Each one was begun en plein air, getting as much of the feel and vibrancy into the painting as I could in one go. Now they are in the studio to have all the finishing work, drying and final framing done. With more canvases underway in oils, I will be taking a little time , in addition, to complete a few acrylic pieces ready for the Tetbury summer exhibition, later in the year.

I can’t believe how fast the year is passing, and I hope you are all getting out and enjoying the sunshine when it arrives. When the sun doesn’t shine remember to take a moment, and notice the beauty of cloud, the stunning majesty of squalling wind and rain, and perhaps, reflect on the beauty that nature always holds for us, should we choose to look.

Speak again soon,


Gower Peninsula

A wet and rainy Gower



greece, halkidiki, fishing boats

Halkidiki, Greece, fishing boats at the ready.




slapton ley, kingsbridge, salcombe

Calm and cloud


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