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painting, art, oils

2018, a new year.

I hope you have had a great Christmas, and are settled into the realities of another New Year. At the studio it has been a busy end to 2017, getting a lot of work finished and framed, as well as preparing the direction the work will take through 2018.

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Kingsbridge Quay

August Already………

So, well into August now and the weather hasn’t been the best to put it mildly! At least that has meant a little more time in the studio. Two more pieces are on the easel, with recent work now completed, and a few now varnished and ready for their forever homes.

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slapton ley, kingsbridge, salcombe

New for summer…

After a busy Spring 2017 start, work continues. New pieces are on the easel, three of which, I have taken quick snap shots of below.

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tetbury, art, exhibition

Spring, and exhibition time….

Spring, and time for exhibitions. Lots going on with entries to national ‘Royal’ society exhibitions, local exhibitions, and even the odd competition here or there. Read more »

London, Battersea, Vauxhall, River Thames

Getting Ready

Almost April already!! Where does the time go? Read more

degree ceremony, open university

New work

The Autumn colours are slowly disappearing as the leaves fall from the trees. A busy year is almost done, and I’m frantically getting everything finished: photography, prints, paintings, social media, and still working on yet more pieces. Read more »

Sketch for 'Kingsbridge'


snowdon, yr wydfa

Top of Snowdon

Sept 2016

Nearly there! A well earned trip around some glorious parts of the country. Graduation is on for October at Exeter Cathedral, and I have to say a big ‘thank you’ to the Open University, having achieved my BA (Hons) History, and being assured of my place to study for a Masters in Art History, as soon as I’m able to shoe horn that into my artistic life.

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skipping through the poppies


Dec 2015….. Time is skipping along and Christmas is almost upon us. I have just uploaded new work, and some still in progress below. I am happy to say the autumn period was very fruitful in terms of inspiration.

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Sherston Arts Festival

Sherston Arts Festival….

Oct 2015…… Just a quick one, if you are in the area, please pop down to Sherston Arts Festival; just head for the big Church on the left…. and check out all the lovely art work there.

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And on…….

Of course, there is no trip to Thurso in Scotland complete without a trip to Land’s End and the Orkney’s. Read more »